Frequently Asked Questions

 If you have wondered why your dog drags their butt across your freshly shampoo'd carpet or you want to know what makes us tick, you're in the right place.  Here is where we'll answer commonly asked questions. Because when you're part of a pack, you're never alone.  Even if you're trying to use the bathroom.  

Have A Question?

What is included in a visit?


The visit will include everything needed to ensure that your pets are safe, secure, and engaged while you are away. For dogs, this may include walks, playtime, fresh water, brushing, feeding, tummy rubs, and lots of love. For cats, we take care of the litter box maintenance, playtime, feeding, fresh water, and lots of cuddles.  

What type of pets do you care for?

From hamsters to horses, our pet care staff has experience in caring for all types of pets. Call today and see how we can care for your pet. 

Will I always have the same sitter each time I book services?

We know what great buddies your pets will become with their pet sitter, so it is always our goal to keep you with your same primary sitter each time you book services.  

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes we do. It is outlined in your service contract, our legal considerations doc and we are happy to discuss it at length with you should you have any questions.  

Can I call, text and email to get updates on my pets?

 Of course! We understand that as a pet parent you are concerned about them. We send report cards every visit, along with photos, you can even see us via GPS! Pretty snifty huh!